School Signal Blocker

Ensuring Uninterrupted Learning and Interaction

The New Standard for Classroom Privacy and Focus

School signal blocker

Block the Signal
Boost the Learning


Undistracted Learning

In today’s digital age, distractions are just a notification away. With our Signal Blocker boxes, ensure that your students remain focused on the lesson at hand.

Protect Sensitive Information

Safeguard academic discussions, confidential student information, and innovative teaching methodologies from potential eavesdropping.


Safe and Trusted Environment

Create a classroom environment where students and teachers can communicate freely, without the fear of being overheard or recorded.

For All Educational Stakeholders

From school teachers to university professors, our products cater to all educational professionals who prioritize privacy and uninterrupted interaction.

Safe boxes for education

How it works

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1. Open box

2. Place phones

3. Close the box

Thats it. No plugs, No batteries. Just secure blocking all signals from your phone to the outside and the other phones in the Box containing custom Faraday Materials.

Essential for Every Classroom

Educational Advantages

Enhance the educational environment by reducing distractions, promoting focused learning, and fostering better communication among students and teachers.

Promote Focus

By blocking signals, students are encouraged to engage with the lesson and their peers, fostering a more collaborative and attentive classroom.

Simple & Efficient

Designed with educators in mind, our boxes are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into any classroom setting

Protect Devices

Our boxes are not just signal blockers; they’re also safe storage solutions, ensuring devices are kept securely during class.

Cutting-edge Signal Blocking

Our technology ensures no cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth signals penetrate the box.

Durable & Secure

Made with top-grade materials to withstand daily classroom use.

Reduce Radiation around kids

The RFID material of the SchoolBox blocks radiation of all the phones and reduces harmfull radiation in classrooms, for those that are most sensitive to it: kids.